For your convenience find here the steps towards the registration process. Do read all the steps before you take action.

New Students

The Steps:
  1. Go to Member Area in the menu above and click on login, and then click on "Don't have an account?" or click here: new registration
        - Remember to give full name and surname
        - Username must be in small letters
        - Password must be a combination of Upper and lowercase letters, a number, and a special character.
        - ID Number must have no spaces
        - Cell Phone Numbers must be in international format. eg. +27 82 123 4567
        - You also need an Email Address of yourself and the person responsible for payments
  2. After submitting your registration form you will receive a validation email with a link you need to click that will take you to Agripedia.
  3. After logging in you will need to complete the preliminary registration form for us to validate your personal and qualification details.  This process will also register you automatically for our Agripedia Introduction Course that you can take part in while we validate your credentials.
  4. After evaluation, you will find correspondence regarding the next steps to follow, and the courses you are interested in will then be available to you as a secondary registration.
  5. You will then click on the course name you want to register for and update your credentials if anything changed.  This will also take you to the payment options.
  6. After the payment arrangements, our admin staff will then activate your course subscription and you will be able to continue with the course.

DO REMEMBER to complete the Agripedia Introduction course that will teach you all the processes how to register for a course, how to use the learner and information platforms.

Existing Students

 What can we say, you know the process already.  Under the "New Students" steps continue from step 5.

Happy learning!

Having a Problem?

Click here for support contact details.

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